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E-Commerce Legislation

  • Irish E-Commerce Act 2000
  • Good Commentary on the Act by Aidan Ryan who was involved in the preparation of the act.
  • Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for electronic signatures
  • Using Certificates with Common Software

  • Outlook 2000 Encryption and Message Security Overview
  • Using Security Features in Outlook 2000
  • Office XP Resource Kit/Messaging/Administering Outlook Security/ Outlook 2002 Security Model

  • Netscape Security Center
  • Using Ezitrust Certificates with Lotus Notes
  • Using Certificates with Novell GroupWise
  • Adding S/MIME support to the UNIX mailer MUTT

    Risks from Hostile Interception of E-mail

  • Report to the European Parliament on the existence of a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications (ECHELON interception system)
  • Information on the FBI's Carnivore system for intercepting Internet communications such as E-mail. Compiled by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.