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Welcome to the Irish Academic & Research Certification Authority operated by Ezitrust in association with HEANET

This authority will provide certification services to staff, students and other affiliates of HEANET member institutions. The first major application to be supported is SECURE E-MAIL. Individuals may apply to Ezitrust for a Global certificate. Ezitrust agents will verify their identity by inspecting their college identity card. After this they will be issued with an X.509 certificate that they can use to send SIGNED E-mail and receive ENCRYPTED E-mail.

HEANet have contracted with Ezitrust to certify selected groups of users from individual HEANET institutions, but any HEANET affiliate (staff,student etc) can obtain a certificate independently of this on payment of the certification fee of € 50.

To begin the process of obtaining a personal certificate, press on the Apply for a Certificate link on the sidebar.