Internet Explorer Needed

Certificates issued by Ezitrust conform to all industry standards and work well with many different e-mail clients. When applying for a certificate though, we ask that you use Internet Explorer for this step and when you are picking up the issued certificate. After that point, you can import the certificate into whatever software you are using.

To Continue, please start Internet Explorer and make the application from there.

A more in-depth technical explanation follows......

The Certificate Application Process

When applying for a certificate, your browser software generates a pair of cryptographic keys. One (the public key) will eventually be included in your certificate and the other (the private key) is kept locally and used when messages are being signed or decrypted.

The problem is that different sofware packages (including Internet Explorer and Netscape) handle this process very differently. Ezitrust have based their certificate application process on Microsoft CryptoAPI. This means that the private key and the certificate that you pick up from Ezitrust will be stored in the Microsoft Certificate Store. Programs that use CryptoAPI (e.g. MS Outlook, Netmeeting etc) can use the certificate directly from there. For this process to succeed, you need to use Internet Explorer just for the application and pickup process.

Once issued, the certificate and key can easily be exported from the Microsoft Certificate Store in PKCS#12 format (see the Ezitrust Guide to Caring for your Certificate) and this can then be use to import the certificate into software that does not use CryptoAPI (Such as Netscape, Mozilla, Novell Groupwise etc).