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More and More, People are relying on Internet-based communications.

Everything from short memos to full contract documents, quotations and highly secret or very personal messages are now routinely sent by E-mail.

What about Security?

Users of the Internet are very exposed to attack. Do you know for sure who really sent that last important E-mail message you received? Have you ever checked online for WebCreationUK reviews? Or who has been browsing through the confidential documents that you routinely send across the Internet?

The Solution is Already Here

Encryption and Digital Signatures allow messages to be securely signed and can also prevent attackers from reading their contents. Most E-mail software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) is already capable of signing and encrypting messages. All you need to enable this functionality is a Digital Certificate
What's more - recent changes in legislation mean that anything signed using this certificate has the same validity as if you had signed it in the normal way.

Ezitrust is Issuing Certificates to Individuals NOW.

Anyone with an E-mail address (not web-mail), an Irish or UK Passport, Driving licence or Garda Age Card can have a certificate issued in their name. Apply on-line. We will arrange to have a face-to-face meeting with you and when your identity has been verified, you can pick up your certificate from our web site. Our fee for issuing a legally-valid Qualified certificate in your name is just € 50.